welcome to errant parent


Welcome to errant parent, the go-to publication for moms and dads seeking comic relief. Here, we pride ourselves on entertaining exhausted parents instead of trying to educate them. Seriously, what do you need more: advice on cloth diapering or for beer to shoot out of your nose?

That's what we thought.

Created in the spring of 2009, errant parent is devoted exclusively to irreverent parenting humor. We strive to be a welcome alternative to traditional parenting magazines (which usually aren't funny) and online humor sites (which usually aren't parenting-related). At errant parent, we know parenting is ridiculously hard. Or is it hardly ridiculous? Either way, most parents appreciate a good laugh.

Who is errant parent for? It's for anyone who believes it's barbaric to ask a toddler to whip up dinner -- without first giving him a cookbook and a cute little butler's outfit. It's for anyone who dreads sitting next to a baby on a plane -- especially if that baby belongs to you. It's also for parents, or people who have parents, or people who once had parents. It is not, however, for pageant mothers or aardvarks or Nazis, as history has proven they typically have terrible senses of humor.

So, please: read until you laugh, and laugh until you cry. Because, as we all know, when parents cry, the kids get freaked out in that beautifully silent, I-promise-to-never-be-bad-again sort of way.